Saturday, August 25, 2012

Learn HTML in One Hour!

At school I have always been the person who tries to be above par with my other classmates, especially in my elective class (Web Designing). I really have been, though. And I have to cram every HTML lesson we learned in my head, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's a good thing though that they taught this to us when we were in 6th grade. Having the advantage over most of them helped me achieve this. They were in HTML, I was already in CSS. And now we're in CSS, I'm going to study JavaScript.
One way to learn HTML is through a designated tutor. In this case, our teacher. The other way is via online tutorials that can be readily accessed anytime, anywhere. The advantage of online tutorials is that you can have your own pace every time you encounter something unfamiliar to you. You can also go in-depth into a certain topic and try to focus on that one first before going to the next one.

What helped me?

Not to brag though, but because I learn a bit faster, I was able to go on to various topics concerning the field of HTML (and CSS). Having a kind of itchy attitude when discussing a lesson which is one of my fortes, I went on to the next chapter of that lesson and started from there.
And when our teacher tasked to make this certain webpage or that content goes somewhere, I decided to spice things up a little by adding CSS. And that helped me earn extra points. (Hooray for me!)

That's cool. What can you suggest?

I totally suggest w3schools. They have EVERYTHING (that's what they say). Or if you would like to go and shell out some cash, I would recommend "one Hour HTML". Though I haven't fully looked in to what they offer, but they sound pretty convincing. And that's enough.

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